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Are you interested in having a new deck built on your home? Then, you can turn to St. Paul Deck Builders for help with your home improvement project. Our team consists of the best deck installers in St. Paul. Our experts can provide you with a free estimate of the construction cost by calling us today.

If you would like to add a beautiful outdoor gathering area to your living space, you can do so. If so, a deck installation provides an excellent solution. We can completely customize your deck to meet your specific needs as you enjoy your property outdoors with friends and family.

St. Paul Deck Builders offers a comprehensive array of deck services, including deck maintenance, and expertly crafted decks and patios. Installing decks is something we’re already proficient in. When you hire us for your wood deck construction, we can work with many high-quality materials and offer various options for you to pick from. It will ensure that you will get a beautiful addition to your home and that you, your family, and your friends will enjoy your deck’s beauty.

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Our deck installation company St. Paul MN can help you create an outdoor entertainment space where you can relax with a coffee while brunching under the sun or hosting an evening barbeque. We make sure that each outdoor space is built to fit your unique needs. Our objective is to create something that will be a source of endless enjoyment for you, your family, or your business whenever you intend to spend more time outside.

Our design services can help you create the perfect entertainment location, whether your group is large or small. We provide free consultations to residents of St. Paul, Minnesota, as well as free estimates.

The decks built by St. Paul Deck Builders serve many homes and businesses in St. Paul. Having an outdoor area means having friends and family over as well as entertaining customers and clients. You can choose from many options when building a deck, including the style and material of the construction. Please give us a call so we can schedule a meeting to design your dream deck.

Our deck installation services include the installation of the following types of decks:

Attached Deck

A deck attached to your home is similar to a patio, except it is usually made of wood and raised. Therefore, you can connect it directly to your home as against an island deck.

Multi-Level Deck

Consider the case of a steeper land surface or a large lot. Decks with multiple levels are what you may consider installing onto your home. 

Wraparound Deck

Similar to the porches you see on old-fashioned plantation houses. The deck is designed this way, so you can adapt it to any deck proportion that suits you.

Roof-Top Deck

You can more efficiently utilize space if you use it. When you own only a small lot, a roof-top deck can provide you with more freedom. When you have this type of deck installed, you will be able to utilize every square foot of your home. When you have a small space, this can be a fantastic way to increase living space.

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Our Decking Installation Services Includes

Having a patio or walkout allows you to enjoy your outdoor space without damaging the grass or ruining the yard. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about setting your lawn chair in a gopher hole while relaxing on the lawn. You can still play in your yard whenever you like while relaxing, grilling, entertaining, and doing whatever you want. Deck builders’ mn designs and constructs beautiful, useful, and affordable patios, whether they are for commercial or residential purposes. We can go from there once you let us know what you are thinking.

Our outdoor living designers will elevate the design and decoration of your outdoor living space. Our St. Paul MN Deck Installers can combine a modern or classic design with other elements to create an area that can be used for a variety of functions, such as a family retreat, an outdoor cooking paradise, a fun space for the whole family, or a creative space for both clients and their employees. As long as your property allows it, you can turn your outdoor space into the perfect living room open to the elements. Might you as well make the most of your backyard by setting up a fantastic entertainment area?

Let us transform your backyard into the perfect place to entertain friends and family of all ages. For customers seeking outdoor entertainment spaces throughout St. Paul, Minnesota, our Deck Builders St. Paul MN team is ready to help.