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Do you want to create an outdoor kitchen at your property in St. Paul,
Minnesota area? Deck Builders St. Paul's outdoor kitchen design and
installation experts are honored to help anyone who seeks our assistance.

Experienced Outdoor Kitchen Builders St. Paul MN

St. Paul Deck Builders outdoor kitchen designers can assist you in creating an outdoor kitchen that meets your requirements and matches your lifestyle. Our design and build approach makes planning, budgeting, and construction of your landscaping efficient and straightforward. If you want to keep it simple or go all out with unique features like wood-fired ovens, ice makers, wine or beverage coolers, sound systems, or other amenities.

Many homeowners build their outdoor kitchens to make entertaining and meal preparation more accessible and more pleasurable, in addition to having a high-quality grill. Cooks may prepare and clean up some or all of dinner without having to return to the home, thanks to a fully equipped outdoor kitchen.


Deck Builders MN collaborates with homeowners to design outdoor kitchens that are both practical and appealing. The convenience of a fully-equipped outdoor kitchen will appeal to enthusiastic hosts and cooks. Your outdoor kitchen can be outfitted with lighting and a heat source for the cooler months if you grill all year. Outdoor constructions can provide shelter from the elements. Outdoor kitchens typically have the following features:

  • A bar where people can socialize in a relaxed atmosphere
  • For beverages, food, and ice, use a refrigerator or more relaxed.
  • Grill that is appropriately sized for the average number of guests present at any one moment
  • Trash and/or recycle bins that are tucked away for ease of use.
  • Drawers, shelves, and access doors provide additional storage.
  • Food preparation and service counters
  • Sinks with flowing water for meal prep, hand washing, and fast clean-up

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Professional St. Paul MN Outdoor Kitchen Designers

St. Paul Deck Builders specializes in designing and creating unique outdoor kitchens for homes in the greater St. Paul, MN area, including covered outdoor kitchen designs and outdoor kitchens on deck. With such a short window of opportunity to use an outdoor kitchen during the hot summer months, having an outside living room where you can fully enjoy the best summer days is a delight.

Our customized outdoor kitchen areas are made to last and to complement your outdoor activities. We pay attention to the client’s vision for their outdoor kitchen’s size, color, and functionality when creating it. Whether you want a lavish outdoor kitchen to host weekly summer parties or a design that functions as an extension of your current home kitchen, St. Paul Deck Builders’ outdoor kitchen contractors will help you realize your dream.

Paul MN custom outdoor kitchen Setups

When most people think of outdoor kitchens, they envision a simple grill surrounded by brick. However, in Minnesota, outdoor kitchens have come a long way in recent years, and some are even better than interior kitchens. Our outdoor kitchen designers may customize outdoor kitchens to meet any lifestyle, depending on how much you want to use them, and the alternatives available will provide you with plenty of inspiration.

The Asian wok

It is a particular favorite since it can prepare a wide variety of dishes. While people are coming and leaving, it can cook, steam, and keep food warm. The wok comes with two sets of trivets and a wide top. A smaller one in the center to concentrate the heat on the wok and a larger one outside to accommodate larger stock pots, ideal for lobster and shrimp boils. This means chefs may fry quickly in the 20″ wok or let food simmer while relaxing on the patio. 

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Picture of an outdoor cooking covered with beautiful plants, picture taken at St. Paul MN


It’s a built-in device that keeps your beers chilled and flowing. Consider the possibility of a tap coming from the top of your counter. Below is a giant refrigerator that can hold the keg and numerous extra cases, depending on your level of optimism. Kegerators can stay outside almost all year, which is both a benefit and a drawback. These can be freestanding to allow for easy access across the patio or placed under a countertop to appear built-in. A three-tap dispenser allows for a selection of brands for more serious draft consumers.

Even the most basic designs for outdoor kitchens have a grilling area. These are also highly sophisticated and come with several options, allowing the outdoor cook to prepare almost anything outside these days. You may quickly move these grill tops by removing them from their freestanding base and placing them in the built-in countertop. You might not be able to see the game from the grill top, so pull it out and move it closer to the door. The issue has been resolved.

Now that you know about the options you can get when installing an outdoor kitchen, you may contact St. Paul Deck Builders so we can realize the outdoor kitchen of your dreams! You can also check out our patio services!